Sweden’s Uppsala County Governor and Delegation Visit RUC
(2016-12-29 08:12:17)

On the 20th of December, University Council Chairwoman JIN Nuo and RUC President LIU Wei met with G?ran Enander, Governor of Uppsala County, Sweden, and delegation who came to visit RUC to discuss opportunities for academic collaboration with Uppsala University as well as other matters.

Upon meeting, Chairwoman JIN expressed a warm welcome to the Governor and his delegation, also saying that she was looking forward to developing collaboration and exchanges between the two universities in the fields of law and psychology as well as other fields that both universities excel in.

Following, President LIU also welcomed the Governor and his delegation, and briefed them on the general situation, outstanding areas of learning and international collaboration at RUC. He noted that RUC is a comprehensive research university that specialises in the humanities and social sciences, and that ever since it was established it has been at the national forefront in training talented scholars in the fields of economics, administration, and law among other fields. He mentioned that in the 2013 National First-Class Education Evaluation Results published by the Ministry of Education’s Academic Evaluation Centre, RUC was placed first in China in the fields of theoretical economics, applied economics, law, politics, sociology, media and journalism, statistics, industrial and commercial administration, and public administration. He concluded by stating that RUC also recognises the importance of developing their achievements in the field of science, interdisciplinary research and international collaboration, and that RUC and Uppsala University have a bright future for collaboration.



Governor Enander followed by expressing his gratitude towards RUC, then briefing those present on the general circumstances at Uppsala County. Uppsala is Sweden’s fourth largest county, and has a close relationship with the capital of Stockholm. This county has played an important role in Sweden’s history, and at present it is one of Sweden’s most dynamic, economically developed, and highly educated counties, and is home to many of the world’s most famous scientists.


Uppsala University Rectrix magnifica Eva ?kesson then proceeded to give a detailed account of Uppsala University’s history, specialist subjects and international collaboration. She stated that Uppsala University and RUC have much in common, that both recognise the importance of holding high quality academic activities, and that both follow closely the latest international developments of universities, and see interdisciplinary research as an important means of meeting the challenges of the modern era. At present, Uppsala University has collaboration exchanges with many high level academic institutions around the world. Rectrix magnifica ?kesson concluded by expressing hope that both universities would be able to look into student exchange and academic research exchanges, especially with the possibility of collaborating in RUC’s summer school programme.


The meeting was attended by representatives of both universities’ various Schools and Disciplines.




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