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It’s bad enough that so many of the people at the Department of Motor Vehicles treat you like so much gum stuck to the bottom of their shoe, now comes a report that a handful of DMV employees in New York have been getting rich selling fake ID — not to minors trying to score beer or get into R-rated movies — to convicted felons, sex offenders and just about anyone who could come up with the cash.

“The fraud ring’s client base was essentially a rap sheet,” U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said about the rogue’s gallery of no-goodniks and ruffians that paid anywhere from $7,000 to $10,000 for their fraudulent IDs, which also included birth certificates, work papers and Social Security Cards. “The integrity of any security system, no matter how elaborate or expensive, is only as good as the integrity of the people who carry it out.”

By Tainted Chemicals And up Cyanide Make Fake Dangerous Other It’s estimated that the group raked in around $1 million from the operation, which had around 200 clients, including one man featured on America’s Most Wanted and… oh yeah, an undercover police officer posing as a man in need of documents that would help him circumvent the No-Fly list.

In addition to a bit of schadenfreude, we’re also enjoying the code name for the sting: Operation Two-Face!

DMV Workers Made $1 Million in Fake ID Ring [Gothamist]

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